Top 50 Nurse Educator Blogs

by admin on May 24, 2010

One of the more interesting careers available in the health care field is that of nurse practitioner. Often, nurse practitioners have advanced degrees, and are able to diagnose and treat diseases, including prescribing medication. In many cases, nurse practitioners serve as educators, keeping their patients up to date with the latest health practices, and even helping teach in nursing programs. If you want to learn more about nursing as a career, degrees in nursing, or about nurse educators, you can get good direction from these, 50 of the top nurse educator blogs:

Nurse Educators

Nursing educationThese formal educators teach about nursing, and provide information to help train the next generation of nurses.

  1. Nursing Educator: This nurse educates nurses, focusing on the use of technology to enhance health care.
  2. Florid Nightingale: Nurse educator with a Ph.D., offering interesting insights and more.
  3. Virtual Nursing Medical Education: This nurse educator writes about technology and increasing nursing education.
  4. Johns Hopkins School of Nursing: This quality university offers nursing education information and resources.
  5. PNEG Blog: This is the official blog of the Professional Nurse Educators Group, and offers interesting resources and more.
  6. School Kids Healthcare Blog: Nurses involved with education at the elementary, secondary and college level learn and grow.
  7. Disruptive Women in Health Care: These nurses work hard to educate others about nursing and health issues.

Nurses with Advanced Degrees

Nurse practitionerLearn more about what you can do with an advanced degree in nursing, or by combining nursing with other degrees.

  1. Nursing Research: Show me the evidence!: Learn about science-based nursing from these smart and savvy nurse researchers and educators.
  2. Cheryl Parker RN PhD’s blog: Get a look at health care from this educator and health care technology evangelist.
  3. nKini: Nusing Blog: Follow the exploits of this nursing Ph.D. as he sheds light on different topics.
  4. Nursing Center: Looks at different topics of interest to nurse educators, and written by a variety of nurses with different degrees.
  5. Health License Defense: This registered nurse has a JD degree as well, and specializes in helping nurses defend their ability to practice.
  6. Nursing Law & Order: Another lawyer/nurse, LaTonia offers insight into the legal issues that go with nursing, providing an valuable resource to nurse educators.
  7. Texas Nursing Law: Interesting look at nursing law, especially in Texas, from this paramedic, RN and attorney.

Nurse Practitioners

NurseYou can learn a lot from a nurse practitioner. Here are some great blogs by NPs who know their stuff, and who are dedicated to patient education.

  1. Nurse Story: This nurse practitioner offers insight into many different types of nursing, and shares her experiences.
  2. The Nurse Practitioner’s Place: Learn about having a good NP practice, and how NPs help save lives.
  3. A Nurse Practitioner’s View: This NP educates others about health care and medicine from a nursing standpoint.
  4. A grumpyRN: This nurse practitioner offers insight and plenty of attitude on life and nursing.
  5. High Plains Practitioner: A very interesting blog from a military NP who spends time with the troops.
  6. Barb’s Daily Dose: This nurse practitioner offers straightforward information and advice.
  7. HospiceNP: Learn about end of life care from this knowledgeable hospice care nurse.

Intensive Care Nurses

ICUWhether it’s the ICU or the NICU, intensive care nurses have a lot of knowledge and savvy.

  1. code blog: This ICU nurse has 11 years of experience, and a world of insight.
  2. Nursing Influence: Amy Sellers is cardiovascular ICU nurse, and shares information about nursing and health care.
  3. Head Nurse: This sassy ICU nurse blogs about current issues, pop culture, and more on this blog.
  4. Experiences of an ICU Nurse: Learn about life as an ICU nurse, and get good insight into the career.
  5. Blog of a Wife & Nurse: This NICU nurse shares tales from her life as a wife, nurse and now expectant mother.
  6. Adventures in Juggling: This busy mom, wife and NICU nurse shares stories and inspiration.

Emergency Room Nurses

Learn about what it’s like in the trenches from these helpful resources for nurse educators.

  1. ER RN: Your window into the crazy world of nursing in an emergency room.
  2. Emergiblog: This respected blog from an emergency room nurse offers a insight and inspiration.
  3. madness: tales of an emergency room nurse: Learn about the world of nursing in and emergency department in the inner city.
  4. ER Stories: Nurse educators can gain some good insight and some good humor from this blog.
  5. Trauma Diva: This ER trauma nurse shares all the drama of working in emergency.
  6. Impacted Nurse: Learn about what it takes to work in an emergency department. Raw stories and “no guff.”
  7. Call Bells Make Me Nervous: Insight from a new ER nurse.
  8. Emergency Nursing Today: A great blog and podcast about issues in emergency care today.

Maternity Nurses and Midwifery

MidwifeFrom nurse midwives who can help you through your pregnancy and delivery to labor and delivery nurses, learn about what it takes to be a nurse.

  1. Hands for Catching: A great blog about becoming a nurse midwife.
  2. At Your Cervix: Learn about labor and delivery from this experienced nurse.
  3. Sarah Stewart: This educator is dedicated to helping health care professionals learn about midwifery.
  4. Birthday Nurse: This labor and delivery nurse shares insights and stories.
  5. Navelgazing Midwife: Interesting take on midwifery and birth.
  6. 10 centimeters and beyond: Learn about nursing in labor and delivery, as well as maternity care.

Medical Podcasts

MedicineGet insight and access to great resources with medical podcasts that can help you prepare to help educate nurses.

  1. ACC Conversations with Experts: Share resources from the American College of Cardiology.
  2. NEJM This Week: The New England Journal of Medicine provides interesting health and medical news.
  3. JAMA Audio Commentary: Get the latest from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
  4. Monthly Medical Podcast: Drexel University offers a monthly podcast on medicine.
  5. UCSF Continuing Medical Education Podcast: Keep up with your medical education with this regular podcast.
  6. Medical Podcast Library: A great resource for nurse educators from

Nurse Student Blogs

Student nursesInteresting blogs from nursing students working on their degrees, or from bloggers willing to share resources.

  1. Nursing Student Tutor: Learn tips and tricks from NurseMarry about different nursing careers, and for studying.
  2. Life of a Male Student Nurse: This student nurse provides insight that can help nurse educators.
  3. NurseDiVa Extraordinaire…in training!: Get first hand information about being a nursing student and mom.

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