Top 50 Nurse Practitioners Worth Following on Twitter

by Linda on March 09, 2010

Twitter provides a great resource for medical practitioners, including nurse practitioners. You can find peers of like mind or students who may need your support. You can find educators and coaches who can help NPs find their niche, or resources such as organizations designed for NPs or RNs who can help boost the NP’s career. The following list contains all this and much more.

The following list is divided into categories, and each link is listed alphabetically within those categories. The links use the Twitter user’s Twitter account name, and you can learn more about each individual when you visit their Twitter page.

Fellow Practitioners


  1. candydye: Candy is a nurse practitioner, health and wellness enthusiast, wife and mom.
  2. cetull: Cindy is a nurse practitioner who cares for abused children.
  3. davidboleyNP: David is a self-professed “technology savant wannabe,” a scientist in training and an NP.
  4. dementiaconnect: Susan is a nurse practitioner who works with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  5. FitNP: Christel is an NP who also is into yoga, holistic health and nutrition.
  6. grwrn: Gayla is a nurse practitioner who is a breast cancer survivor and who also is into a green lifestyle.
  7. HarleyGal831: Terry is in graduate nursing school working toward an MSN as a family NP.
  8. HeckmanMedical: Vanessa is a certified legal nurse consultant and a certified family NP and would care specialist.
  9. katking54: Kathy is a neonatal NP who makes her conservative bent known on the front end.
  10. kchoma: Kim is a women’s health NP in private practice who is pursuing her doctorate online at Rutgers University.
  11. lucichick: Kelly is a nurse practitioner who also is an avid Boston sports fan and alternative music lover.
  12. NurseOnThis: Kevin is another politically conservative NP, based in Texas.
  13. maxenurse: A British nurse practitioner who also maintains a relevant and amusing blog.
  14. StephenNP: Stephen is a family NP who practices in the New York metro area.
  15. trempy: This person is an NP, kayaker, Rotarian and former Army officer who is interested in free clinics and EMR.

Education and Coaching

Nurse Education

  1. barbaraphillips: Barbara is a nurse practitioner who is a practice owner, NP business coach and health coach. She is the founder of NPBO (Nurse Practitioner Business Owner).
  2. ccleven: Caroyn is a DNP-prepared gerontological NP, assistant professor of nursing at Emory University in Atlanta and works at the Emory Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.
  3. EFTCoachJane: Dr. Jane Mountrose works with holistic practitioners who long to get their messages out and create thriving practices.
  4. HEARTSTRONG1: This nurse practitioner specializes in health and wellness, fitness, marketing, speaking and publishing.
  5. IHaveTheAnswers: Lynn Parker, NP, is the author of What did the Doctor Just Say: how to Understand What Your Doctor Is Saying and Prevent Medical Errors From Happening to You.
  6. interopnurse: This nurse works in the HIT (Healthcare Information technology) field.
  7. jeminer: Johnetta is a nurse practitioner and health and wellness coach who practices integrative medicine. She also is a business coach.
  8. lindamickle: Linda is a nurse practitioner and wellness coach who creates customized business care plans.
  9. MatthewBrowning: This guy has his energy up, founder of, CEO-targeted instant communications system, RN, MSN, FNP and healthcare 2.0 and 3.0.
  10. Nerdnurse: Carole Eldridge, DNP, is a college dean who embraces nursing and technology, health, online education and more.
  11. onlinenursing: Terri is spreading the word about how nursing can change health care. She is an NP, on faculty and a student.
  12. RoRod101: Rosita is a healthcare professional, an RN, nurse practitioner, educator and practice student.
  13. RZakhari: Raymond is an NP who also is found of Metro Medical Direct, services provided by a board certified nurse practitioner that can perform all of the services that you would find in a traditional family doctor’s office or urgent care facility, including: blood work, X-rays, ultrasound, and EKG.
  14. Safety4Nurses: This nurse educator has 25 years of nursing experience, and keeping nurses safe in the workplace is her main concern.
  15. sherryfetzer: Sherry is an international trainer and business and communications coach as well as a nurse practitioner.
  16. SRosenbloomNP: Sylvie is an NP who specializes in cardiology and internal medicine. She also is a certified diabetes educator.


Johns Hopkins

  1. AANPFoundation: This organization has supported NP excellence since 1998. Follow to receive updates on their scholarship and grant programs and events.
  2. AcademyHealth: Follow the leader in health services researchers, policy analysts and practitioners…this is a non-partisan resource for HSR.
  3. ACNPConference: The ACNP National Clinical Conference is the premier educational offering for Nurse Practitioners.
  4. ADVANCEforNPs: This Twitter user provide practical peer-reviewed clinical articles, professional news and practice guidance for NPs.
  5. brainline: Follow this account for news about all things pertaining to traumatic brain injury including advocacy, news and information for friends, families, caregivers and professionals.
  6. GetNurEducaJobs: Follow this Twitter account to learn more about nurse educator jobs, careers and community.
  7. HIMSS: This is the Twitter account for the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, covering EMRs, HIT, standards and more.
  8. InformedNurse: A leading publisher for field-reference guides, this user stays on top of social media. They are producing a new nursing iPhone app in April.
  9. JohnsHopkins: Tap into research, medicine, engineering, applied physics, public health and more through this Twitter user, representing Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.
  10. MGMA: The Medical Group Management Association is a membership association for professional administrators and leaders of medical group practices.
  11. NursesJobs: Sarah is out of the UK, but you might learn some useful nursing application and CV tips as well as about jobs for midwives, RN and practitioners in that region.

RNs Worth Following

The Tao of Quitting Smoking

  1. ElderCareRN: Shelley is a writer and caregiver who offers education, encouragement and empowerment to caregivers of aging loved ones.
  2. HealingKeys: Janie is a natural healer, RN, and co-author of Healing the Body Through Mind and Metaphor.
  3. josephweaver: Author of the Two of Quitting Smoking, this RN has almost 45,000 followers.
  4. learae: LeaRae is a nurse entrepreneur, business coach and executive director of the Nurse Entrepreneur Network.
  5. nursewendy: Wendy is an intensive care nurse who is working on her master’s degree in women’s health.
  6. PaulaRobinsonRN: Paula is a senior-care expert and elder care advocate who is a huge Red Sox and Miami Dolphins fan.
  7. Richard_RN: This registered nurse likes to help others through teaching and learning. He could build a town with the number of followers he has.
  8. RNconsult: This nurse has been in the practice for almost three decades, and shares links and references that may be valuable to you.

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